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Brand Marketing with Each Message Sent

Email is a ubiquitous commodity at this point and every one seemingly has access to an email account they check on a regular basis. There are a host of free email services available online, the most obvious ones being and These services are offered at no charge, provide significant amounts of storage, and easy anywhere access. Their value, ...

Changing Hosters: A Beginner’s Guide

The reasons to switch hosting providers are numerous and varied but a lot of times they fall down to a handful of consistent issues: Storage requirements Bandwidth requirements Customer service issues Moving from Shared to Dedicated Hosting, etc Changing to a new hosting company is not a decision to be entered into lightly but it can be made easier when a few basic steps ...

Unlimited Band-Myth

Unlimited Bandwidth is a common, and often repeated, marketing strategy for lots of web hosters. On the surface this sounds like a great idea and a feature every website should be looking for. In reality, this is a fallacy that can't, won't, and doesn't really exist. Bandwidth Costs Money Every hosting company has to pay for its bandwidth. At its essence bandwidth ...

What Hosting Package Do I Need?

There are lots and lots of option available for your hosting needs: free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server, etc etc.. Each one provides you with the same result: making your website available for thwe world to see and (hopefully) enjoy. If they all result in the same thing, what's the difference then? Free Web Hosting What's better than free? Everyone ...

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